Who are We?

Our Mission: Luxury for All

Quality craftsmanship is our trade, and sharing it is our passion. Luxury for all means affordability. That is our promise: to offer the finest high-end luxury pieces, at the fairest prices, with the best possible service. 

Our Roots: Humble Beginnings

We have been manufacturing fine jewellery for over three decades. We started as a small boutique workshop in Hong Kong in 1986, and remain one of the few independent family-ran jewellery design and manufacturing firms in Hong Kong. Our key to survival and prosperity: uncompromising quality, expert workmanship, and integrity. 

Our Craft: Your Passion

All our products, at every single stage production, from inception to the final ornamentation, are managed and handcrafted in-house with our expert designers, skilful model-makers and master goldsmiths. Our craft is our trade, and our trade is our pride. We pride ourselves in enforcing the highest standards of quality control and expert craftsmanship. 

Our Business Model:

Crystal Clear Transparency

From the streets of London to vallies in the Middle East - we have produced high-end luxury jewellery for clients around the globe. Our core mission remains unchanged: crafting the finest quality pieces at the fairest prices. With a radically transparent price model, we promise only the fairest prices with the finest quality to suit your jewellery passion and business needs.

Our B2B Jewellery Services

Our expertise in jewellery manufacturing at every stage of production lets us provide you with a broad range of jewellery design, production, manufacturing and sourcing services to accelerate your jewellery ambitions and business. Browse below to learn more about how our services can help you grow your business and achieve your jewellery ambitions. 

Design and Production Services

Our master model-makers can translate your sketches, pictures or ideas into precise quality plastic moulds and silver masters that would be ready for production. Our practical designing and production services will turn your designs and ideas into quality products to fit your inventory. 

 The expertise required to translate paper drawings to actual 18K gold products requires goldsmiths on hand, which is readily available at Albert Tsang. With our help and input, feedback loop will help inform your designers of the craftsmanship and practical constraints of their paper designs. 

 Too often than not, talented designers give us intricate sketches, only to find it unfeasible when put in production. Such instances include the high production cost beyond their budget or the practical flaws of their designs that went unnoticed on paper. 

 Our design and production services are thus here are to help you navigate any production issue that may arise. This will ensure that your orders are produced and delivered on time, and that its workmanship reflect the high quality and value of your designs, brand and business.  

Manufacturing and Sourcing Services

Our model-makers and expert goldsmiths, using resources at our in-house facilities and factories, can produce superior handcrafted jewellery at scale and on time. Guaranteed. And because everything is done in-house, we minimise product costs, giving you quality services at lower prices. 

Beyond our manufacturing capacity, we accept custom-orders and purchase orders of any size without enforcing any minimum order quantities (MOQs) unlike many other jewellery manufacturing firms. 

 Lastly, our global network of trusted suppliers ensures that we would be able to source quality gemstones and diamonds for production that would meet your business requirements, from cost, to quality, to size, colour, etc.

Consignment, Drop-shipping and White-label products

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Get in Touch!

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