Finest Pieces, Fairest Prices

The Luxury Jewellery You Deserve

The Albert Tsang Jewellery Promise

Albert Tsang Limited has been designing and manufacturing fine jewellery for over three decades. Our professional B2B expertise in fine jewellery production services has earned us more than a thousand business partners around the world, some of which are the worlds most well-known brands and high-street stores. 

18K Gold Only

Our products are made with 18K gold that meet the highest international standards. Like royal heirlooms, their timeless durability will only appreciate in value. Rest assured, when the price of gold goes up, so too will your products, and the legacy you leave behind.

Fairest Prices

Our pieces are sold at manufacturer's price, and we have a transparent price model for all to see. Unlike high-street stores, whose rent and marketing cost are borne by you, we avoid such cost to ensure you can afford the luxury you deserve. 

It's our Craft

From the first sketch to the final embellishment, we abide by the highest standards and quality control of fine jewellery production. Beyond the exceptional quality of our products, our care is expressed in our profound commitment to your fine jewellery experience. 

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Your Satisfaction is our Highest Priority

because we care.

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Because we're not here to sell you buyer's remorse. 

Free-shipping with any purchase because it is better for you.

All products use solid 18K gold. All gem-stones and diamonds are 100% natural. Money-back guaranteed.

All materials are ethnically sourced and conflict-free. Production is committed to sustainable  practices.